#265 If I only knew how to…

Although I always welcome your questions it’s been awhile since I’ve asked you directly. So here’s your chance to share the biggest challenge you’ve been facing lately by completing this sentence…

If only I knew how to __________________ I’d be happy.

For example:

Leave your answer as a comment below (go head it will only take a few seconds and it’s amazing what you can learn simply by asking.) While you’re there, how about taking a quick look at what others are wrestling with to see if you can ‘pay it forward’ by helping them out with a solution. (It’ll give you lot’s of good karma!)

Be sure to check the “Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail” box if you’d like to get other comments in your in-box instead of having to repeatedly check the site to see if anyone has answered your question.


9 thoughts on “#265 If I only knew how to…

  1. Greg DuVall says:

    How do you make labels on Excel, with grapics (for example: the AEP logo) in each cell and the keep the file size small, so that it doesn’t bog down your computer? WIll the use of “water marks” minimize the file size?


  2. Steve Austin says:

    Compare two Word documents side by side and see the changes in either and pick which changes I want to accept or reject in the document I want to keep.


  3. jeannie wray says:

    If only there was a way to open one Excel spreadsheet on one screen, and open another Excel spreadsheet on another screen. I know how to open them both side by side. It just would make it so much easier if I could see more of the spreadsheet at one time.


  4. J Smith says:

    1) The work around to allow files to copy (from one HD to another) that have longer names and/or several layers deep in a sub-directory. Windows will display “file name too long” and stop copying all together, or will say “X” number of files didn’t copy at the end.

    2) How to scroll with mouse wheel in the folders section of Lotus Notes


  5. For the type of work I think you are describing there is no easy way in word that’s why I always use MS publisher which is fairly easy tio use, allows you to import a word doc and usually it comes with MS office pro.


  6. Vickie Petty says:

    How to quickly rearrange pages in Word and an easy way to delete whole pages. Also, if there is an another way to rearrange columns in Excel besides insert a new column and cut and paste.


  7. Ken Keener says:

    grab an electronic copy of my Lotus Notes address book and get it onto my personal electronic address book (my home e-mail account)


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