#268 Comparing Word Documents

Have you ever needed to compare two different versions of a Word document and then merge the differences into a single one? For example, if you ask someone else to help you write or edit a document, and now you need to compare his edited document to your original to see what changes they made.

By the way, it should be noted that A MUCH BETTER APPROACH is to put the document in a location where everyone can edit the same copy and skip this whole process altogether — but that’s a story for another day!

How It Works

1. Start by opening the first document to be compared in Word.

2. From the Tools menu, click Compare and Merge Documents.

3. Locate and select the file that you want to compare.

Use the Merge down arrow, control where to save the merged changes. Choose “Merge into new document” to keep original copies of both

4. Any changes made to the original document are indicated and you can use the Reviewing Toolbar to accept/reject the differences. (We’ve seen those reviewing marks before. )

How It Works: Word 2010

1. Open the documents you want to compare side by side.

2. On the Window menu, click Compare Side by Side with.

3. On the Compare Side by Side toolbar, do any of the following:

» If you want to scroll through the documents at the same time, click the Synchronous Scrolling Button

» If you want to reset the document windows to the positions they were in when you first started comparing documents, click Reset Window Position Button image.

4. Click Close Side by Side to stop comparing documents.


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