#269 Word AutoText

Do you have any phrases or blocks of text that you use over and over? For example, the same lengthy disclaimer for a report or maybe a closing signature block for letters. If so, you may be interested in using Word’s AutoText feature. Think of this as the electronic equivalent of a rubber stamp. Word comes with a set of built-in entries for you to use and of course you can create your own.

Insert Existing AutoText

1. Click in the document where you want to insert the AutoText entry.

2. On the Insert menu, go to AutoText, and then point to the type of entry you want to insert.

3. Click the name of the AutoText entry you want and Word “stamps” that text into your document.

Create New AutoText Entries

The pre-defined ones are OK but you can really save even more time is by setting up your own customized “stamps”. You can even include formatting and graphics in these AutoText entries.

1. Select the text or graphic you want to store as an AutoText entry.

To store paragraph formatting with the entry, include the paragraph mark (Paragraph mark ) in the selection.

2. On the Insert menu, point to AutoText, and then click New.

When Microsoft Word proposes a name for the AutoText entry, accept the name or type a new one.

NOTE: If you plan to insert the entry by using AutoComplete, make sure the name contains at least four characters because Word inserts an entry only after four characters have been typed. This lets you simply type the name of the AutoText entry and Word will automatically insert your “stamp” and you never need to touch the menus.

Using the example shown above, I could now just type the word “signatory” in any document and Word would “stamp” my entire, formatting signature block.


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