#271 Add a Watermark to an Excel Worksheet

If you ever need to share a spreadsheet with others before it is “officially” done, it’s useful to add a DRAFT watermark to a worksheet. Or sometimes a sensitive document needs to be marked by adding a CONFIDENTIAL watermark.

Unfortunately, unlike Word, Excel doesn’t come with a built in way to add a watermark. But never fear, there is a pretty easy way to do it: just place a pre-built .PNG graphic file in the header of your Excel worksheet, and it displays as a watermark.

To help you on your way I’ve included a couple images for you to use below: (Follow the link then just do a right-click » Save as… to save it.)

Grab this “DRAFT” image to use as a watermark.


…and/or this “CONFIDENTIAL” image.


How to Add an Excel Watermark in Header

1. Start by opening the View menu then click Header and Footer.

2. In the Page Setup dialog box, click Custom Header or Custom Footer.

Note: This example inserts the watermark image in the Left section.

3. In the row of buttons in the Header or Footer dialog box, click Insert Picture Button image and then find the graphic you want to insert.

4. Now you should see &[Picture] in the header/footer area you chose.

When you’re done, take a look at your Print Preview and you should see your watermark.

Excel 2010

It’s a little bit different in Excel 2010 but just as easy. Check out the details here.

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