#272 Automatic Separator Lines in Excel

This weeks tip will show you how you can automatically add a border line between groups of data. For example, using the data shown below you can automatically add a line between each date change by using Excel’s Conditional Formatting feature.

How It Works

1. With the range of cells you want to format selected, go to the Format menu and select Conditional Formatting…

2. In the Condition 1 box, set the drop-down to Formula Is then enter =$A2<>$A3

3. Click the Format… button to specify the type and color of border you want.

4. When you’re all done you should get something like this.

Excel 2010

It’s a bit different in Excel 2010 but just as useful. Check out the details here.

This is similar to one of my favorite tricks, which we’ve seen before, that uses conditional formatting to shade every other row.

2 thoughts on “#272 Automatic Separator Lines in Excel

  1. How clever! I’m always telling people not to use blank rows to visually separate data because then excel sees it as a separate list. This gives you visual separation automatically without messing up your list/table.


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