#276 Five Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Awhile back we saw how the CTRL + F shortcut can help us find things in documents, etc. Now that you are hip to that one, I thought we should add a few more things to your shortcut repertoire.

Finding Stuff : CTRL + F

CTRL + F is the shortcut for the Find command. In a web browser pressing CTRL+F will bring up a search box. Type what you’re looking for in that search box it’ll find it for you on that page. This trick will also work in other places like Microsoft Word, etc.

Start Something New : CTRL + N

Pressing CTRL+N, is for creating something new. In a web browser, you’ll get a new window. In a word processor, image editor or similar document-based programs you’ll get a new document.

Save Your Work : CTRL + S

After you’ve created a document, at some point you’ll need to save it. That’s where CTRL+S comes in. If this is the first time you’ve saved the document you’ll be asked to name it and where you want to save it. If it’s already been saved before, this will simply save your changes.

Print It Out : CTRL + P

If you want to print the document you just made, Control+P will take you to the print dialog where you can change any settings, choose a printer, etc. From there you can send it to the printer with the Print button. This shortcut works in virtually all programs that allow you to print, including your web browser.

Close It Down : ALT + F4

ALT + F4 will let you quickly exit the current application. (Just be sure you saved your work first!)

5 thoughts on “#276 Five Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

  1. Lori says:

    so, this is seperate from google drive or does it come with drive? I haven’t downloaded drive yet (still deciding how I feel about those terms of use) and it might all be really obvious if I actually had it and played with it.


  2. Jo says:

    Love all of your tips – this one is especially helpful as I use a corporate iPad for Board work now. You expertise will be sorely missed, Mike.


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