#284 Roll Your Own Templates

Whether its a document, form or any other sort of document you’d like to standardize it’s a quick and easy job to turn them into time saving templates.

Note we’ll show how to do this in Word but it also works the same way in PowerPoint and Excel

How To Create A Template:

  1. Once you’ve got a document exactly the way you want it go to the File menu and choose Save As...
  2. In the Save As… dialog box, scroll to the top of the folder list and click Templates under Microsoft Word.
  3. Name the file and change from the “Save as type” list, choose Word Template.

  4. Click the Save button and close the file.

And that’s all there is to it. It’s just that simple.

Creating a New Document from a Template:

Once you’ve created your template and want to use it for a new document just look in the the File… menu under New… » New from existing

If you’d like to learn more, Microsoft has more on creating templates from Word 2010 documents here as well as a Word template-training course. Office.com has a huge archive of ready-made, customizable templates that can save you even more time.


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