#285 Word Defaults You Can “Set & Forget”

If you ever find yourself changing the same settings in your Word documents over and over this week’s tip just might be the thing you need. Let’s take a look at some of Microsoft Word’s default settings that you might want to change.  Every new blank document is based on the normal template. ( normal.dotx ) Changes to the settings in this document template will always be incorporated to new blank documents.

1. Line spacing Starting with Word 2007 the default line spacing changed from 1 to 1.15. If you prefer the old setting, or any other setting of your choice.

2. Spacing between Paragraphs It’s much more efficient and flexible to use spacing between your paragraphs instead of an extra empty paragraph. Just set it and forget it.

3. Paste Special… If you ever find yourself pasting content into word and then needing to reformat it you may want to change the default action of Paste Special. This one can save you a lot of time if you copy many things from websites and other online sources.

To see all the details for each of these and a few others check out Tech Republic’s “10 Word defaults you can customize to work the way YOU want

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