#291 Browser Shortcuts

These days many of us spend a lot of time in our web browsers. Assuming you are using one of the ‘Big 3’ browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer) here are a few keyboard shortcuts that you can start using.

1. Open a New Tab

Want to open a new site without losing the one you’re on now? Just tap [Ctrl] + T and open a new tab.

Similarly, ff you’d like to open a link in a new tab try a right-click on it and choose “Open link in new tab“.

2. Move to the Next Tab or Last Tab

Once you get used to tabs, if you’re like me, you’ll usually have more than one open at a time. A quick, easy way to jump between your tabs is to tap [Ctrl] + Tab to jump to the next tab (to the right of the current one), and [Ctrl] + [Shift] + Tab for the previous tab (the one to the left).

3. Jump to the Top or Bottom of a Web Page

This one is probably the one I use more than any other. For longer pages, use the Home and End keys to jump to the very top and bottom of a Web page.

Do you have any favorite shortcuts? Let us know!

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