#292 Many Ways To Navigate Word Documents

Do you know how many ways there are to navigate lengthy Word documents, beyond using the Page Up/Down buttons and scrolling with your mouse? The short answer is a lot.

Using the F5 key to access the Go To feature will allow you to cruise through your documents using any number of different elements.  With this trick you can jump to any specific element including:

  • Page
  • Section
  • Line
  • Bookmark
  • Comment
  • Footnote
  • Endnote
  • Field
  • Graphic
  • Equation
  • Object
  • Heading

Just press [F5], identify the element, and enter a number-super simple!

You can also use this same feature to browse through the document.For example, you can use this feature to jump from one graphic to the next in a document, one by one.

This browsing starts from wherever your cursor is in the document so if you want to start from the beginning make sure that’s where your cursor is first.

Click here to see it in action. In this example below, I first browsed the document by jumping from table to table and then by jumping from graphic to graphic.

Click to view

Give it a try and remember that the Go To feature can be a better way to navigate documents, particularly the longer ones.

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