#296 DaFont, Da Whole Font & Nothing But Da Font

Fonts, or type faces, are an easy way to give your documents or presentations a personality.  Choosing a great font can really give your message a boost. Choose the wrong one and you can be fighting an uphill battle before anyone even reads it.

If you’ve ever find yourself pondering what font you should use, here are 5 things to consider:

1. Just like picking out the clothes you wear, there’s a distinction between typefaces. Some are are expressive and stylish while others are more generic and appropriate to a wider number of situations.

2. At a minimum, you should be aware of the difference between serif and sans serif fonts

3. Most of the time, one typeface will do.  Too many different fonts creates a mess. If you want to add a second one, it’s always good to observe this simple rule: keep it exactly the same, or change it a lot — avoid wimpy, incremental variations.

4. A little can go a long way. When you go for an out-of-the-ordinary font be sure you don’t over do it. Many of the ‘funky’ fonts work well for headlines but are painful if you have to read long passages of text.

5. Rules are made to be broken.

For all the gory details and more see What Font Should I Use?”: Five Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces

For the rest of you who have never even given any thought to the font you use you can still find some new, fresh ones that are also free from my favorite place for fonts Dafont.com

Here are few examples:

Sketch Nothing

Rough Typewriter

Christopher Hand



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