#297 Hyperlinking in Excel

This week I’d like to share a handy trick for helping your users find their way around those ‘monster’ spreadsheets. When you have a lot of data spread over multiple tabs  it is super simple to add a linked table of contents that will take them right where they need to go and keep them from wasting time looking for it themselves.

You can use hyperlinks in Excel to link to specific locations within your spreadsheet, websites, email addresses and more.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Insert a sheet and select a cell.
  2. Press [CTRL]+Kto display the Insert Hyperlink dialog.
  3. In the left pane, click Place In This Document.
  4. Find the sheet you want to link to under Cell Reference.
  5. Select the worksheet you want to link to.
    NOTE: By default it will link to cell A1, but you can change that to any cell you like if necessary
  6. In the Text To Display control, you can enter any text you want to be displayed. (i.e. “Click here”, etc)
  7. Click OK.

I always like to put a link on each tab that will return them back to the menu so they don’t get “stranded” or “lost”. For example, < Return to Menu would link them back to the page with the table of contents.

Download my example to see how it works.


One thought on “#297 Hyperlinking in Excel

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    Simply just needed to announce you did a tremendous job. Regards -Ellie


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