#300 I’m Back!

…well actually I should say the “Tip of the Week” email is back. After a brief detour, I’m back at AEP and reviving the weekly Friday morning  email just in time for the 300th edition!  I’ve missed the conversations, questions and comments from your end and I look forward to hearing from you again.

If my absence did not make your heart grow fonder simply unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of the email.

ADMIN NOTE: If you’ve been getting the email from WordPress all along, you might be getting two versions now. Just unsubscribe from the one you don’t want.

Please take 10 seconds and let me know what version of Office you are using, so that our elves can make the tips that you would most like to get.

Here are the posts that you’ve missed over the summer: (unless you were one of the few who manages to stay plugged-in)

#281 Keeping PowerPoint Images in Place When Resizing

#280 Deciphering Shortened URLs

#279 Are You (and Your Passwords) as Smart as You Think?

#282 Using Word To Fill Scanned Forms

#283 Better Than A Default Bullet

#284 Roll Your Own Templates

#285 Word Defaults You Can “Set & Forget”

#286 Hiding Zeros in Excel

#287 Custom Formatting of Bulleted/Numbered Lists

#288 Four Ways to Customize Excel for the Way YOU Work

#289 How to Create a Table of Contents in a SNAP!

#290 Updating Your Automatic Table of Contents

#291 Browser Shortcuts

#292 Many Ways To Navigate Word Documents

#293 Show Only A Few Rows & Columns of Your Spreadsheet

#294 How to Super Charge Word’s Find & Replace

#295 Delete entire words quickly

#296 DaFont, Da Whole Font & Nothing But DaFont

#297 Hyperlinking in Excel

#298 Excel Zebra Stripes

#299 Wi-Fi Security Tips

Well that should keep you busy for awhile…but when you’re done let me know what you’d like to see or just drop me a note to say hi! I hope you are all doing well and I look forward to continuing our adventure together!

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