#301 Defaulting to Your Favorite Font

If you have the new version of Office 2010 you have probably noticed that Microsoft changed the default font from Times New Roman to Calabri. Personally, I like the new one much better but if you prefer the old one (or any other one for that matter) you can very easily change it. (This is also good if you are stuck on an old version but like the new font.)

Changing the default font setting keeps you from having to change it every time you create a new document or presentation.

Word 2010

1. In the Font area of the Ribbon, click the small gray arrow in the right corner to open the Font box.

2.  Select the typeface you want to be your default.

Word of Warning! If someone else open’s your document on another computer that doesn’t have you font. Your document will not look like you want it too. So if you use a unique font that most people don’t have you should consider saving it as a PDF before sending it.

3. Click the Set as Default button. Select the option for “All documents based on the Normal.dotm template?” and click O.K.

Microsoft has the steps for doing this in previous versions here.

This trick also works much the same way in PowerPoint and Excel.

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