#303 Evernote: Info Everywhere

Evernote is a note taking tool that you simply must check out. For me it’s one the first apps I put on any new smart phone, computer, etc. Why you ask? Evernote has become my outboard brain and helps me keep track of all those details such as my family’s library card numbers, account information and just about anything else I might need.  And the best part is that it just works.

Evernote is many things to many people and I don’t think any two people use Evernote the same way. For a free app it’s amazing what you can do.

Notes, websites, text clippings, screen captures, audio notes, URLs, photos…and more!

Each item is stored as a ‘note’ while each note is organized. Everything you save is searchable. Even text from the photographs you save can be searched. (Evernote will even ‘read’ the words in your photos so you can search for them.  How cool is THAT?!?!?)

Once you’ve signed up you can store and access your information from nearly every computer, web browser, smart phone or tablet.

Here’s a short introductory video:



Not sure how you could use Evernote? Check out this shared notebook that has a ton of ideas including:

  1. Automating the creation of meeting notes
  2. Going paperless with kids
  3. Paperless Meetings
  4. Conferences & Conventions
  5. How to remember everything.


I love the ability to share your notes and notebooks with others. Here’s an example I created that lists my All-time Top 5 Tips of the Week


If you’re interested in learning more about Evernote, check out this guide that will help you get started.

Are you already using Evernote or something similar like OneNote, Simple Note, etc? How do you use it? What questions do you have?

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