#312 Recovering a ‘Lost’ Window

While two screens are better than one, you might have run into a problem if you’ve ever disconnected your laptop from a secondary monitor without first moving the windows back to your laptop screen. Here is what happens: The application is running. You can see it in the taskbar, but you can’t see it on the screen, because it still thinks it’s running on the secondary monitor.

What do you do? Reboot and pray that it fixes itself? A much quicker option is to move it.

Right-click the application in the taskbar and select Move. This doesn’t appear to do anything, but it does-you are now in ‘move mode’ and the cursor should look like this Move-Cursor. From here, the trick is to use your arrow keys on the keyboard to move the window back onto your laptop screen.

If you’re also without your mouse, or if you’re a keyboard person, you can just ALT+TAB to the window, hit ALT+SPACEBAR then M, and user your arrow key from there move your mouse.

(Look around the edge of your laptop screen for the cursor to determine which arrow key you need to use.)

This handy trick is still in Windows 7 it just works a bit differently. Instead of right-clicking the application in the taskbar you need to do a SHIFT+RIGHT-CLICK.

The keyboard method still works the same way.



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