#318 Make Simultaneous Changes to Multiple Worksheets

Many of use have spreadsheets with similar information and data across multiple spreadsheets. For example, each month of data has its own tab. What do you do when you need to make the same change to all twelve sheets? This week I’d like to show you how you can work much smarter by grouping the sheets before you make your changes.

  1. Before you do anything, select all the different sheets you want to change (select the first one, then hold CTRL key and click on other sheet names). You should notice that they are all now selected.
  2. Now any formatting, etc you do will be applied to all the tabs that you selected so you only need to make one change instead of twelve.

See an example of it in action below:


This grouping trick is great for:

  • Making formatting changes to multiple worksheets
  • Applying the same header / footer / print settings to multiple worksheets
  • Creating similar formulas in multiple worksheets

How can you use this trick? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.


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