#320 Word: How to Replace Tabbed Columns With a Table

There are tons of reasons you might want to align things in your Word documents. And I’ve seen people do some crazy things trying to make that happen-including using the space bar 122 times for each line. (Yes, I counted!)

When compared to wrangling tab settings and risking carpal tunnel syndrome beating on the space bar, tables are a much easier way to work with columns of data. Here is one way you can work a little table magic and convert any existing tabbed lists into a nice neat table. (If you inherit the one with 122 spaces in every line, let me know I’ve got a quick fix for that one too!)

Converting Tabs to a Table

As I mentioned, I’m not a fan of using tabs to align data in my documents. Whenever I inherit a document with tabbed data like this list below, I simply convert it into a table.

Convert Text To Table

How It Works:

1. Select the tabbed text that you want to convert.

2. Under the the Insert tab  click the Table » Convert Text to Table...

3. Click the OK button.

Word of Warning: You might need to do some clean-up if you don’t have the same number of tabs between each column. Otherwise you’re columns will be all caddywhompus and they won’t line up the way you want.

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