#324 Closing iOS Apps

One of the great things about iPads and iPhones is how intuitive they are to use. Most things are easy enough for a two-year old to master.  However, not everything is obvious. One thing I’ve noticed is that a surprising number of people don’t know how to close apps.  I’ve encountered more than one family member (who shall remain nameless for my own protection) who never seem to close any apps, ever!

Depending on how many apps we’re talking about, closing the unused ones can speed up your phone and extend the life of your battery.

It’s super simple, yet it’s one of those things that nobody ever tells you. Here’s how to close your apps on your iPad or iPhone.

1. Double-tap the Home button.


2. Tap and hold you finger down on the app’s icon until it starts to jiggle.


3. Tap the sign.

4. Repeat until you’ve closed all the apps you want to close.

Still having trouble? Here’s a video from one of those two-year olds.

Note, that you can’t close the app that you are currently in. If you go to your home screen first, then you can close any open apps.


One thought on “#324 Closing iOS Apps

  1. I wish there was a way to kill all apps with a single click on the iOS but I have not been able to locate such a function. If you have an app or way to do this, I would much appreciate knowing! Thanks!


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