#327 Office Web Viewer

Office Web Viewer creates links that open Word, PowerPoint or Excel files in a web browser instead of requiring them to be downloaded. It’s easy to turn a download link into an Office Web Viewer link to use online.

Some benefits of the Office Web Viewer include:

  • You don’t need to convert Office files for the web (e.g., PDF, HTML).
  • Anyone can view Office files, even if they don’t have Office.
  • One link will work for computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

How to try it out

To use Office Web Viewer, click this link: http://officewebviewer.com

Then copy and paste the document’s URL in the text box. It looks like this:

To make the URL yourself, you can use the link below, where <Document Location> is a URL to the document.

http://view.officeapps.live.com/op/view.aspx?src=<Document Location>

Note: the document must be publicly accessible on the internet.

Here are a few examples of documents in the Office Web Viewer:

If your document is an Office document and is publicly accessible on the internet, then you are good to go.  Office Web Viewer links are a great alternative to download links because you don’t need a special program to view your documents.

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