#330 Web Browser Tricks Everyone Should Know

Just by following along with this list and knowing about the CTRL + F trick to find things, you are already ahead of 90% of all computer users in the world.

And since it seems like the “one-percenters” have all the fun, here are a couple more that will put you ahead of 99% of everyone else. 😎

I am very much a keyboard person and use these all the time. I think you’ll find them handy too.

Scrolling Web Pages with your space bar

Try this next time you’re r need to scroll down a webpage. Pressing the spacebar with jump you down one page at a time.


Spacebar to page down

Need to page back up? Just add in the Shift key.


Shift+Spacebar to page up

Adjust Web Page Text Size to Your Liking

Have you ever wished you could make the text on web easier to read? You can! Just press CTRL + + (plus sign)to make things larger.


If you want them smaller use CTRL + – (minus sign)


Come on over and visit the site to try it out.

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