#332 Go Beyond Maximize With Full Screen View

What do you do when you need a really as much screen space as possible for viewing? Don’t just maximize it: go full screen!

In many applications, going full screen will hide the menus and tool bars giving you more usable space. For example, on my laptop, going full screen gives me access to 10 additional rows of data in Excel.

Excel: Maximized

Excel: Maximized

Excel: Full Screen

Excel: Full Screen

Microsoft Excel & Word

To use the full screen view in Excel and Word go to the View tab and click Full Screen.

Turn off full screen in Office, click Close in the upper-right corner of the screen, or press the ESC key.

Photos and videos in Windows Explorer or Windows Media Player

To open any photo in Windows Explorer, or open a photo or video clip in Windows Media Player in Windows 7 and Windows XP, press the F11 key at the top of your keyboard.

To undo full-screen mode and restore the window to its normal view, press the ESC  key.

Web Browsers

In most web browsers the F11 key will toggle you between the full screen view being on and off.


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