#338 Determining Exact Exact Colors

By default, PowerPoint has a pretty fair number of colors to choose from. But did you know that you can choose from millions of very specific RGB colors? (The RGB color model is the way that red, green, and blue are combined in various ways to create huge number of unique colors.)  For example, let’s say you just found this really cool photo and you want to use an exact match of color from it in your next presentation.

Here are a couple of ways you can find the exact color value of anything on your screen.

Using Microsoft Paint

If you’re only doing this every once in awhile you can use the built-in Paint application to find the specific color values you’ll use in PowerPoint.

Simply open MS Paint and paste in your image. You can use the PrtScrn button or your favorite screen capture method.

Once you have your image in Paint, you can use the eye dropper tool to click on the color you want. Then by opening the Edit Color diaglog box you’ll find the exact color code that you can then use for your PowerPoint slides.

Using MS Paint to find the exact RGB color value

Click to view larger version.

Color Picker App

If you need to do this regularly, you’ll probably want to grab a free app that will do all of this for you. I use one called Color Cop, but there are a ton of good, free ones to choose from.

Using ColorCop to find RGB color values

Click to view larger version.

So now that you’ve got the exact color you want to use, you might wonder “How do I tell PowerPoint to use that color?”   Tune in next week to see how that works.


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