#343 Offline Google Maps

Google Maps is one of my favorite and most useful apps. The latest update for iOS adds a nice new feature that let’s you save an offline version of a map. (This has been available in the Android version for awhile now.)

To save a map for offline use, zoom in to the area of the map that you want to save. (If you don’t zoom in far enough it won’t work.)  Once you’ve zoomed into an area you want to save for offline use, tap on the search field and type “ok maps.” Then tap the search button on the keyboard to start downloading your offline map.


You’ll then see the Google Maps icon briefly appear onscreen and then at the bottom of the screen a black bar with white text will appear displaying a message that says, “The onscreen map has been cached.”


After the map is cached, you can access it by simply navigating back to that portion of the map at any time. This is a great trick for people with WiFi-only iPads and iPod touches or anytime you do not have an internet connection.

(Note: This version requires iOS version 6)

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