#352 Google Docs Table of Contents

For longer documents a table of content is a great way to help your readers find exactly what they are looking for.  It puts a list of links at the beginning of your document that point to different sections of that document. Clicking the right link instantly transports you to the exact place in the document you want to be.  Once you’ve created your table of contents, you can easily update its links as you edit each section of your document.

Previously, we’ve seen how to do this in Word and it works much the same way in Google Docs.

To make a table of contents, you need to mark each section of your document with a heading. To do this, highlight the appropriate text, and then select a heading size from the style menu in the toolbar.

To revert a heading to normal text, simply select the Normal option from the same drop down menu; doing so will also remove that link in the table of contents after you update the table of contents.

After you’ve marked each section with a heading, you can then add a table of contents from the Insert menu. ( Insert » Table of contents )

As you update your document, you can easily update the table of contents by clicking the Update now button in the top right of the table of contents.
And that’s how easy it is to create a table of contents in Google Docs!

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