#353 iPhone & iPad Shortcuts

Here are a few helpful shortcuts you can use on your iPhone and iPad to work a bit smarter.

1. Skip the periods.  When you are done typing a sentence, double-tap the space bar on the keyboard and it will automatically insert a dot (or period) followed by a space. The next alphabet that you type will be written in uppercase without you having to press the Shift key.

2. Skip apostophes too (most of them anyway) iOS will usually autocorrect most words that contain apostrophes. For example, when typing “can’t” you can just type “cant” and it will autocorrect for you. And when you do need to type an apostrophe, you can press and hold the comma key to get the apostrophe without switching to the numeric keyboard.

3. CAPS Lock Do you ever need to type any words in ALL CAPS? In the default setting, you’ll to have to tap the Shift key after typing every single character or you can “Enable Caps Lock” under Settings –> General –> Keyboard and then double-tap the shift key to turn it into a Caps lock key.  Tap it again to turn it off.

4. Skip the .com While you are entering the URL of a website in the Safari browser, you only have to type the domain name and then press and hold the dot (.) key. It will offer you an option to add popular extensions like .com,  .org or .net to your web address with a tap.

What is your favorite phone or tablet trick?


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