#354 Google Gadgets

If you are a fan of widgets like the ones you can find on iGoogle, Yahoo and other places, you might be interested in the ones that Google has now built into its search pages.

Try these handy tricks for getting the weather, sports scores and more right from the Google search page. Next time you visit Google give these cool gadgets a try.


search for [weather] or [weather LOCATION_NAME]



search for [calculator], [calc] or enter an expression like [4*5-1/4]


Currency Convertor

currency converter: search for [currency converter], [1 usd in eur] or other similar queries


Unit Conversions

unit conversion: search for [unit conversion], [10 miles in km], [50 f in c] or other similar queries.


Mail, Calendar, etc

search for [my mail] and you’ll see the latest messages from your Gmail inbox (US-only).

Other things to try: [my calendar], [my plans for tomorrow], [my packages], [my flights], [my reservations], [my hotels], [my places], [my photos], [my documents], [my spreadsheets].

Sports Scores

search for [nfl], [nhl], [nba], [football scores], [premier league], [manchester united], [serena williams], [formula 1].



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