#370 Big Collection of Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

I am a big fan of keyboard shortcuts. The less I have to move back and forth between the keyboard and mouse the better.  Here are a few of my favorites for Excel. What are yours?


  • Select an entire column:   CTRL + SPACE
  • Select an entire row:  SHIFT + SPACE


  • Jump to the previous sheet:   CTRL + Page Up
  • Jump to the next sheet:   CTRL + Page Down
  • Go to top left (will go to top left of freezed pane if set):   CTRL + Home
  • Go to last non-blank cell:  CTRL + end


  • Toggle between open workbooks:   CTRL + TAB
  • Hide row:    CTRL + 9
  • Hide column:    CTRL + 0
  • Unhide row:   CTRL + SHIFT + 9
  • Unhide column:  CTRL + SHIFT + 0
  • Insert hyperlink:  CTRL + K


  • Print:    CTRL + p
  • Close a workbook:   CTRL + F4
  • Insert new sheet:    SHIFT + F11
  • Insert row:   CTRL + +
  • Delete row:   CTRL + –

If you’d like to see even more check out these:


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