#372 Managing Windows Via Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 7 has a collection of really great keyboard shortcuts to do manage your application windows.

 Windows Key + Up Arrow: Maximize window

Windows Key + Down Arrow: Restore Down/Minimize window

Windows Key + Left Arrow: Dock window to the left

Windows Key + Right Arrow: Dock window to the right

Windows Key + Shift + Up Arrow: Maximize Vertical Size

Window Key + Shift + Down Arrow: Restore Vertical Size

If you are running two monitors, you’ll also like these:

Windows Key + Shift + Left Arrow: Move window to the left monitor

Windows Key + Shift + Right Arrow: Move window to the right monitor

And the one I use most, hides all your windows and takes you to the desktop:

Windows Key + D

What about you are some of your favorite short cuts? Share a little love this Valentines day and leave a comment to share yours with us.

Happy Valentines Day!


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