#376 Sorting Your Files Can Help You Find What You’re Looking For Faster

Search is great when you’re looking for a specific file by name, but sometimes you  don’t know what it is. For times like that  you can use the Windows File Explorer to sort your files and find the largest video file in your collection, or the most recently modified Word document in your work folder, etc.

By default, File Explorer lists your files and folders in alphabetical order from A to Z. But let’s say you want to group all the files in your Documents folder another way. For example, maybe you want to find a particular PowerPoint presentation.  Instead of browsing among all the different types of files you have in there you can simply group them by type of document, which will put all your presentations together in a nice, neat grouping for you automatically.

In the Windows 7 File Explorer you can right-click in an empty space and get several options for organizing your files. The first one you might try is grouping. 

Grouping Files


This will organize everything this folder by the type document. As you can see you’ll get all your Word documents grouped together along with a count of how many of each type there are.


You can group your files just about any way you like. By name, date, author etc etc. Select the More… option to see a complete list of grouping options.

Sorting Files

Another helpful way to locate files is by sorting them.  This works exactly the same way as grouping does. Right-click an empty space in your File Explorer window and choose your sorting method.

You can even use Grouping and Sorting together to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

How do you use grouping and sorting to manage your files?


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