#385 Middle Mouse Button Tricks You Never Knew

Do you ever use that little wheel in the middle of your mouse for anything? Most people probably know you can use it for scrolling right?But did you know how much more it can do? (You can also click the wheel). Here are some lesser know middle mouse button tricks you might find useful.

Web Browsers

  • Close a tab by middle-clicking on the tab1
  • Open a link in a new tab by middle-clicking on the link (this also works in the address bar’s drop-down menu and back and forward buttons)P
  • Open all bookmarks in a folder at once by middle-clicking on the folder in your bookmarks barP
  • Enable auto-scroll by middle-clicking on a web page and then  moving your mouse the direction you want to scroll. 


  • Open a new instance or window of a program by middle-clicking its taskbar icon
  • Close a window by hovering over its taskbar icon, then middle-clicking the thumbnail that pops up.

Microsoft Office

  • Enable auto-scroll in Microsoft Office by middle-clicking in the document.

Well what do you think? Anything there you can use? Got any other ones that I missed? Let me know.

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