#389 Tips for Printing Word Documents

Most people probably never give much thought about printing a word document.


Print Preview

You can avoid printing wasted pages and do your part to save a few trees by previewing your documents before printing them. Just go to File » Print to get a preview of your document. Not only is this a good way to catch mistakes, you can also adjust the page layout and printing settings, such as the page orientation, paper size, margin width, and more from here. The cool part is that as you make those changes you’re preview automatically updates so you can see their effects.


Smaller Page Margins

Since we mentioned saving trees, another good way to save paper is to reduce the size of your margins. Personally, I prefer the look of smaller margins too.  It is easy to adjust your page margins by going to the Page Layout tab, click Margins, then select Narrow (you can also select Custom Margins for even smaller margins).

Older versions of Word used to have a cool Shrink to Fit button which is no longer in Print Preview. Here’s how you can easily get it back.



Print Double-Sided

Another big paper saver is printing on both sides of the paper. This is usually a default for  most printers but if you have a small personal printer it is good to know about the option to Manually Print on Both Sides. This helps you manage printing alternate pages on one side, then reloading them back into your printer to  print the other side.



Printing Changes & Comments

If you ever use any of Word’s document review features like Track Changes and Commenting there may be times when you want to print those out too. You can control whether or not these print or not from the first option in the Settings section of Print Preview. Just check the Print Markup option to include them.


Don’t Print At All

Often, an electronic version is all you need. Unless you need others to be able to make updates, converting your documents to the PDF format makes them much more portable and easier to view.  Fortunately, Word now has a super easy, built-in way to save your documents to the PDF format.  Just go to File » Save & Send, click Create PDF/XPS Document and then click Create PDF/XPS document.

( In Word 2013 you’ll find it via this path: File » Export » Create PDF/XPS.)


Do you have any printing tips that you can share? Leave a comment and let us know!


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