#398 Do You Know How to Get Instant Answers From Google?

If you’ve been following these tips for very long you probably know How to be a better Googler by using some of the advanced search options.

But you may not have known about the super nifty instant answer tricks. If not, today is your day to find out about a few of them.

1. Time Zone

If  you ever need to know what time it is in another city, just type in time and the city to get the current time there.

Google Time Zone

2. Weather

This one is similar to the time zone trick. You can check the weather anywhere by just entering the city and weather.

Google Weather

3. Calculator

Use Google as a calculator – type in a calculation and Google give you the answer. When you use Google to do a calculation, you’ll get a handy calculator interface with some pretty advanced capability.


4. Dictionary Definitions

Seems like I’m always looking up definitions and Google makes that super fast and easy. Just type in define and the word you want to look up.

Google Define


5. Unit Conversions

Google can also do conversions for a wide variety of units. Just type a search in the form X unit to unit. For example, 40 degrees f to c converts 40 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius or 5 kilometers to miles.

Google Conversion

There are a lot more things you can do with Google’s Instant Answers including:

  • finding your IP address
  • currency conversions
  • find the time for today’s sunrise or sunset
  • flight tracking
  • flight schedules
  • package tracking
  • movie schedules
  • stock information
  • and all kinds of data

Check them out over at How To Geek.

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