#402 All Things PDF

pdf-iconAt some point, everyone has to deal with PDF documents. They’re a very common format for all kinds of online documents. Especially for printable forms.  PDFs are great for getting documents online while keeping all the layout and formatting intact.

Most people probably have Adobe Reader for viewing PDFs.  But what do you do if you want to create PDFs or edit existing ones? Or what if you want to combine multiple PDFs in a single document?

If you don’t want to bust your budget buying Adobe Acrobat , here are a few good options that will do the job for free.

Small PDF

Small PDF is like a one-stop shop for just about anything you want to do with a PDF document. Merge, split, compress, unlock and several other nice options.


PDFMerge is a free online tool that allows you to upload multiple PDF files and then download a combined version as a single PDF file. They’ve also got a few other tools you might want to check out including options to split PDF files at splitpdf.com,  unlock PDF files at pdfunlock.com, protect PDF files at pdfprotect.net. rotate PDF files at pdfrotate.net and compress PDF files at pdfcompress.com.


PDFZen is one a pretty handy tool  for add text and comments to PDF documents,. It is quite useful when you want to fill out PDF forms without having to print them.

Office Online

One common question I get is how to convert a PDF so it can be edited.  One of the easiest ways to do that is to use Microsoft Office Online.  There are a lot of good reasons to check out the online version of Office. One of which is how it can change your PDF into an editable Word document. (You can do it in Word 2013 too. )

You can even save it back to a PDF when you’re done! The formatting of the original document may not always be perfect. Especially for big, complex documents. But this is a pretty good option.

Just open the PDF in Office Online and click EDIT IN WORD. Word Online will make a copy of your PDF and convert it to a Word document for you to edit.


There are tons of great tools for working with PDF files. What are you using? What kind of things do you need to do with PDFs?

You  might also be interested in how to shrink your PDF files or a super easy way to create a PDF slideshow.

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