#403 Look Good & Save Time with Excel Chart Templates

So you just spent a bunch of time customizing your chart to get the perfect look.  Did you know you can save that chart as a chart template that you can save and use again anytime you want with a click of a button?

It’s true! You can make any customized charts reusable by saving them as a chart template.  (*.crtx) A chart template is really like your own custom chart type that you can use just like any of the built-in chart types.

Instead of all the work involved with re-creating your chart, you can simply apply the chart template to the worksheet data when you create a new chart. You can also use a template to change the chart type of an existing chart.

Saving Your Chart Template

1. Format your chart the way you want it.

2. Right-click the chart and select Save as Template

3. Give your template a name and save it to the default folder location.

Applying Your Chart Template

Next time you make a chart, or even if you want to update an existing chart, just click on the Template option in the Chart Type window.


Save even more time by grabbing this awesome collection of great looking charts. Save the ones you like as chart templates and start impressing your boss by rockin’ out your Excel charts!

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