#405: Doodle Makes Scheduling Dead Simple

If you’ve ever been in charge of scheduling anything between more than about three people you’ll appreciate the online scheduling tool called Doodle.  Even in organizations with existing scheduling systems like Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc can benefit from using Doodle. (Not everyone’s work calendar reflects their true availability. Nor do they generally keep their personal or at home activities in there. )   This is a great way to avoid the never ending chain of emails that result from the question of “When can everyone meet?”  That is such a huge waste of time and can really test the limits of your sanity if you’re the one trying to figure it all out.

Doodle is a MUCH better way. Doodle sends a single email to anyone you want, polling their availability. The visit the link, select their available time slots and  you get a consolidated view of when everyone is available and an easy way to pick the best meeting time. Watch this video to see it in action. 

Once you have a free account, all you need to do is:

1: Create & name the meeting


2: Select potential dates


3: Select potential times


4: Pick from a view optional custom settings.

5: Invite participants.


Everyone you invite gets emailed a link…


…where all they have to do is enter their name and pick the time slots work for them.


The best thing about Doodle is how easy it is to use — even for the most technologically challenged people on your invitation list.

Want to kick the tires?  Try out this example.

Try it out at Doodle.com

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