#410 The Hidden Word Tricks You Need to Know

Anyone who’s been following this tip of the week for very long knows I’m a big fan of shortcuts.  Microsoft Word has about a bazillion little known gems that let you get your work done faster and smarter. Depending on how you use Word, here are a few little known tricks that you just might get hooked on.

Quick & Easy Way to Move Table Rows Up & Down

Do you ever need to reorder a row in a table? If you’ve ever tried the usual cut, copy and paste routine in tables you’ve probably stumbled with getting things in exactly the right place. With handy trick you’re data will be zooming all around your tables with the greatest of ease!  For example, what if you realize row 3 should really be row 4? Just click anywhere in the third row, hold down the [Alt]+[Shift] and press the up (or down) arrow key as many times as you like. If you hold down the [Alt]+[Shift] keys, each time you press the arrow key, Word will move the row . You can select multiple rows to move them as a block, and you can use the down arrow key if you want to move text down instead of up.

This trick isn’t limited to just tables. It will work with bullet lists and entire blocks of text anywhere in your document.


Move Text using F2

After you select a block of text, pressing F2 to copy the text and paste it elsewhere — even into another Word document you’re working on. As long as you can remember to use the F2 key, copying and moving a block of text by using this technique can be quite handy.

  1. Select any block of text.
  2. Press F2. (Notice the status bar says Move to where?)
  3. Put your cursor where you want the text to move to. Press Enter and voila! The text you selected moves to its new location.



Save Everything At Once

This tip is a great one when you’re running out of the office at the last minute and want a quick way to save all your open documents at once. Hold down the [Shift] key and click on the File menu. Word will add a Save All option to the menu, just above Save As… (In Word 2013 you’ll need to add the Save All option to your Quick Access Toolbar.)

Jump Back to Where You Left Off

Wouldn’t it be nice if Word would automatically transport you to the place in your document where you left off last time you were working on it?  Unlike Excel, which takes you back to the cell you left off last time, Word always sends you back to the top of the document every time.  To jump back to where you left off, just press [Shift]+[F5] and Word will zip you back to the last thing you edited before saving and closing.





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