#413 Stay Sane With PowerPoint’s Selection Pane

If you ever work  on PowerPoint slides with a lot of  items, especially ones that are layered above and below each other, you’ll definitely want to know about PowerPoint’s Selection Pane. The Selection Pane lists everything you have on your slide making it super easy to select exactly the one you want to work with. This helps you avoid all kinds of kludgy tricks to get at things obscured by other objects above them.

Using the selection pane, you can simply hide the items on top of the one you want to work with, then turn them back on when you’re done. You can also use the selection pane to quickly and easily change the layering order and bring items up or down in the stack.  You can even name the items on your slide to help you keep track of everything.

To display the Selection Pane from the Home tab, click Select > Selection Pane and you’ll then see the Selection task pane on the right.


There are so many ways you can benefit from using the Selection Pane. Give it a try and before you know it, you’ll be a Selection Pane wizard .

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