#414 Learning What You Want & Need For Free With Grovo

When I run into something I don’t know, I usually do quick web search and after a couple of websites or videos, I’m all set and can keep on trucking.  I realize that for some people, like my Dad, that process can be a big challenge and not always quite so intuitive. That is one reason I started this whole tip of the week thing — for sharing quick and easy to apply tricks for upgrading how you work and get things done.


If you like these tips, you’ll definitely like Grovo, a free (for individuals) website that teaches you how to use different websites and services via video tutorials. Grovo topics include everything from basic navigation and functionality of helpful websites (Facebook, Feedly, etc) , manage your work (Evernote, Gmail, Google Drive), or just get by in life (Skype, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Hangouts, etc).

How To Use Grovo

Test Drive These Great Topics:

If you like what you see, sign up for a free account at Grovo.com and let the learning begin!


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