#418 Super Fast Formatting for Your Excel Data

It is a pretty common situation to get your data in a format other than what you want it in. For example, when downloading or exporting data from other systems you’ll frequently need to fix the formatting of the information.  It is super quick and easy to fix formatting things like dates and time that show as regular numbers, numbers with too many decimal places, etc.

Here are six handy shortcuts to fix your data in the blink of an eye…easy as 1,2,3 …and 4,5,6!

Excel Formatting Shortcuts

CTRL + SHIFT + 1 » 2 Decimal Places

CTRL + SHIFT + 2 » Time

CTRL + SHIFT + 3 » Date

CTRL + SHIFT + 4 » $ Dollar

CTRL + SHIFT + 5 » % Percentage

CTRL + 1 » Formatting Dialog

If you want more even more formatting options CTRL + 1 will teleport you directly to the formatting dialog box and you can choose anything you want from there.

Have a great day!


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