#420 Google Chrome App Shortcuts

These days more and more of the apps we use to get things done are web apps we access via a web browser. From Gmail and Google Docs to Trello and Evernote, there are many online tools you might like to use without all the regular ‘browser junk’ getting in the way.

One nice way to get a clean interface allowing you to focus on the job at hand is to create Application shortcuts in Google Chrome.

How to create a Google Chrome application shortcut

1. Open the web app in Google Chrome and click the hamburger menu  Chrome Menu

2. Go to More tools

3. Select Create application shortcuts…


4. Select the options for where you’d like your app shortcuts to live.

App Shortcut options

This last step allows you to launch these apps directly from the desktop, your start menu and/or the taskbar – just like any other program on your computer.

Regular Browser View


Clean App View

App View

Happy New Years!


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