Turning Microsoft Word Into a Productivity Boosting Distraction-Free Writing Tool

Distraction-free writing tools and apps have become pretty popular lately. The idea is to give you a bare bones environment where you can focus on the words and not the application interface.

If getting rid of all the extra screen junk sounds appealing to you, here is how you can turn Microsoft Word into a clutter-free zen-like writing environment.

1. Hide the Ribbon

The first thing you’ll want to do is hide the Ribbon. CTRL + F1 is a simple shortcut that toggles the ribbon on/off

Ctrl + F1 to toggle the Ribbon on/off.


2. Choose Your Ribbon Display Options

At times, you might want access to certain functions. For that, you can choose from among these Ribbon Display options which let you control what and when to show certain elements.


Depending on which options you choose, you’ll get a nice, clean writing environment that looks something like this.


With the Ribbon set to auto-hide, all you need to do is click at the top of the window to bring it up and use any of the menus or toolbar buttons.

Tip of the Week #424

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