PowerPoint Tip: Dim Previous List Items to Focus Attention

We all know that over using bullet points in your presentations is bad right? But for those times when a list of items is appropriate this handy tip is great for highlighting the current item as you work your way through the list.

First, you’ll want to apply an animation to your list so they appear one at a time instead of all at once. Once you’ve selected an animation, open the animation pane and go to “Effect Options”.

Effect Options

Next, look for the “After animation” drop-down and use that to select a color for displaying the previous (i.e. not currently active) items to be dimmed to. I chose a shade of gray; you can choose anything you like or even hide them entirely if you prefer.


Now when you view your presentation, the items on this list will dim as the next item animates in – focusing attention on the newest item.


Tip of the Week #432

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