Polish Off Your Spreadsheet Work In a Jiffy with Excel’s Quick Analysis Tools

If you’ve been following these weekly tips, you already know about a lot of the cool stuff you can do with your data in Excel including:
This week I’d like to add an awesome Excel right-click trick to the list of others we’ve already covered.  I just discovered this one myself and it’s already one of my favorites. It is called Quick Analysis and with a simple right-click it gives you direct access to some of Excel’s most useful functions. 
Now instead of wasting time hunting for these functions, you’ll have them at your fingertips. With this Quick Analysis feature you can do some lightning fast work with your data including formatting, charts, tables and cool in-cell sparklines. 
Note that the options available depend on the type of data you’re working with. 


The formatting options let you add things like data bars, icons and colors to illustrate high and low values, etc.Formatting tab


The charts section will suggest the best charts for you based on the type of data you have, and you can get even more if you click More Charts.

Charts tab


This section makes quick work of  common calculations. Click the arrows to the right and left to see more options.

Totals tab


Tables are a must in Excel for a lot of things including easier filtering and sorting your data. Click More to see more options.

Tables tab


Sparklines are a great way to visually display your data right in the cells of your worksheet.

Sparklines tab

Tip of the Week #434


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