Best Way to Create New Copies of Your Office Documents

It’s pretty common to reuse your Office documents. The way most people do this is to open the last one you used then do a “Save as…” and save it with a new name and/or in a new location.  And that works most of the time, except when you hit Save and forget to rename it losing the contents of the previous document.

There is a much better way–opening the original document as a copy.  Not only will this prevent you from accidentally overwriting an existing file; it is also a great time saver.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click on File – Open – Recent Documents. If the document was opened recently, the filename will be displayed.
  2. Right-click on the filename and select Open a copy.

    Open a Copy

  3. Any changes that you make are saved to the copy. You can then save it at any location.

4 thoughts on “Best Way to Create New Copies of Your Office Documents

  1. Hello, Kay! Great to hear from you again!! It could be or if you’re on a newer version of Office now than when you built it maybe that could be a factor. Have you already tried to re-connect your source data with your output? (as if you’re starting over?) You’re welcome to send your files to me if you’d like me to take a look?


    • Kay Bostick says:

      I just tried someone else’s computer and it all worked on theirs. Mine still has issues. I have tried building new ones, reconnecting, but as soon as I try to select a file to merge from it closes. Very strange.


      • Well, that is a bummer! 8-\ Sounds like Word and/or Excel might be glitchy. Maybe worth a call to the help desk if you haven’t already?


  2. Kay Bostick says:

    Hey Mike! Hope you are doing well. It’s always a learning experience reading your posts. I added you to my Twitter feed. I am somewhat reserved to outward posts, I’m trying to stretch. I need help with a problem with mail merge in Word connecting to an existing Excel spreadsheet. I have used this file for many years and now all of the sudden when I try to open a Word file that is attached to a the spreadsheet it shuts Word down immediately. Any ideas? I’m wondering if it’s due to IT/Security controls on the computer. Thanks so much.


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