PowerPoint Shortcuts For Everyone

Anyone who has been around here for very long probably knows how much I *LOVE* keyboard shortcuts. I recently found a great collection of over 120 keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint that I wanted to share. But I know 120 is more than anyone can easily digest, so before I send you over there I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites that I think everyone can benefit from.  So here we go…in no particular order.

My Favorite PowerPoint Shortcuts

1. Insert a new slide  =  CTRL + M

2. Duplicate an object or entire slide = CTRL + D

3. Nudging things around with the arrow keys  =  Select slide object(s) and press the arrow keys in the direction you want to move them. For even smaller, nudges use CTRL + Arrow Key

Check out this post for more details on this and other ways to precisely position your slide objects.

4. Insert a link to another slide or hyperlink  =  CTRL +K

5.  Use the Format Painter via keyboard  =  CTRL +SHIFT + C to copy the formatting from an object

=  CTRL + SHIFT +V to paste the formatting to another object

6.  Grouping and Ungrouping Objects  =  CTRL + G to group and CTRL + SHIFT + G to ungroup

7. Resize objects with the keyboard  =  SHIFT + Arrow keys

Try this one out! It is great for visually adjusting the size of your slide elements.

8. Rotate objects = CTRL + Left or Right arrow

9. Show/Hide the Selection Pane  = ALT + F10

This one is great when you have a lot of things on your slide and want to access things that are on different layers.

10. Change the capitalization of existing text  =  SHIFT +F3

This is awesome for making text upper, lower or title case without having to retype anything.

I could go on and on, but those are some good ones to get you started.

If you don’t want to remember all these crazy keyboard combinations, no worries! Just put them on your Quick Access Toolbar so they’re always handy no matter what you’re doing in PowerPoint.

The ‘Full Monty’ of 120 PowerPoint Shortcuts

Head on over to https://nutsandboltsspeedtraining.com/powerpoint-shortcuts/ and grab check out their list of 120 PowerPoint shortcuts. They even have a nice PDF you can download, print and hang up next to your work space.

And while you’re there, you should also go ahead and plug-in to their blog to get all of their great PowerPoint tips too!

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