Top 10 Word Shortcuts

Last week I shared my favorite shortcuts for working in PowerPoint and this week is for all the folks who are creating documents in Word instead of slides. Here are my top 10 favorite Word shortcuts to help you get stuff done faster!

1.  Clear all manually applied formatting and reset the selected text back to the style defaults. This is a great trick for cleaning up documents for consistency, etc.  =  CTRL + Space bar

2. To navigate through a document quickly paragraph by paragraph.  =  CTRL + Up / Down arrow key

3.  Insert a link to another place in the document or a website =  CTRL +K

4. Visually re-size text up or down one size at a time  =  CTRL + ] (bigger) or CTRL + [  (smaller)

5.  Use the Format Painter via keyboard

=  CTRL +SHIFT + C to copy the formatting from an object
=  CTRL + SHIFT +V to paste the formatting to another object

6.  Repeat the last action  = F4  (This works in PowerPoint and Excel too)

7.  Set line spacing  =  CTRL +2 (Double spaced)   or CTRL +5 (1 1/2 spaced or CTRL + 1 (Single Spaced)

8. Set the selected text to the normal (default) formatting style. Great for cleaning up docs with multiple unmatched texts that came from different sources. =  CTRL +N

9. Add/Remove spacing before a paragraph  = CTRL +0

10. Change the case of the selected text without retyping it. Cycles through upper, lower, title case, etc.  = SHIFT + F3

For a complete listing of all the available Word shortcuts head on over to this page.

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