Super Easy Way to Recover Unsaved Word Documents

Have you ever lost work when the power went our or your battery died unexpectedly? Most of us have felt that type of pain at one time or another. But did you know that if you’re working in Word when that happens or even if you’re in a hurry and accidently hit No when asked if you want to save, you can still get you stuff back?

You can and here’s how.

Let’s say you’ve just closed a document for whatever reason wit out saving your work.

  1. Your first step is to open a new, blank Word file and go to File » Info.
  2. Look for the Versions  button for the big square that has a drop-down that says Manage Versions.
  3. Click that and choose  ‘Recover unsaved documents’ and you’ll see a list of the unsaved files it can recover.

Recover Unsaved Documents

Bing, bang, zoom! And you’re back in business. While it might not be fool proof it could certainly save you a lot of time reworking things you’ve already done. This is a great little trick to keep up your sleeve! You’ll make friends for life of anyone you’re able to help out with this handy trick!


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