Get a Jump on Your Presentation by Importing Your Outline

Crafting a great presentation means mapping it out before you start building any slides. There are lots of ways to organize your thoughts and one of the more common methods is by creating an outline.

An outline is a great way to logically structure your message. Trying to build slides on the fly without this first step is usually not a good idea.


Once you’ve got your outline in order, you can get a jump on creating your deck by simply importing the outline you already have. It’s easy to your text outline.

  1. Start a new presentation
  2. On the Insert tab, choose New Slide » Slides from Outline…


  3. Locate and select your outline file. This can be a .txt, .rtf, or Word .doc or .docx file.
  4. Your outline will come into PowerPoint and look something like this:


And with a good structure in place, now you’re ready to build a presentation deck that will dazzle your audience!


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