Easier Pit Stops With Google Maps

Do you ever need to make stops along your route for things like gas , food, coffee or restaurants? Of course, you do! Now you can easily search for gas stations, grocery stores, coffee shops, etc in Google Maps  while still in navigation mode, and add them as a detour on the way to your final destination.

To access this new feature make sure you’ve got the latest update, then:

  1. Tap on a magnifying glass icon that appears at the top-right corner of the screen in navigation mode.
  2. From there, a drop-down menu will appear offering several options, including gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and coffee shops. You can also “search for more places” if you’re looking for other businesses or addresses.

You can also do this with the voice command by tapping on the microphone button.

This may not seem like much, but if you’ve ever actually tried doing this you’ll appreciate how much nicer it is now. Plus, in the next “few weeks” Google says they’ll add the ability to check gas prices at the stations you find along your way.


“Read It Later” Options

How many times a day do you find something online that you don’t have time to read but definitely want to come back to it later? For me, that happens quite often and fortunately,  there are a number of ways  you can keep track of those “Read It Later” items. (And none of them involve sticky notes or ribbons around your finger!)

Here are a few apps that will help you keep track of all those things you can’t get to now, but you want to keep track of for later when you can.

These apps have different features, but in a nutshell they save pages in a central location so you can easily find them later.


This is the one I use, with a simple bookmarklet that lets me save a page with a single click. (Available for Web, Mac, Chrome App, iOS, Android, Kindle)




This one is like creating an online newspaper of things you want to circle back to. (Available for Web, iOS, Android, Kindle)




Readability turns any web page into a clean view for reading now or later on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can also follow people to see what they are marking to read later. (Available for Web, iOS, Android with lots of integrations with other apps.)



Evernote Clearly

If you’re already an Evernote user (which we’ve covered before), you might want to check out this one. Clearly makes blog posts, articles and webpages clean and easy to read. You can easily save them to Evernote to read them anytime, anywhere.

Evernote Clearly


Digital Alternatives to Business Cards

Do you have a box of printed business cards sitting around your office? When was the last time you actually used one? Over the years, I’ve had hundreds or thousands of printed cards. 99% of which never saw the light of day.

In today’s digital world, is it time to find a better alternative to paper business cards? I think so.

Here are a few ideas of things you can do with your old business cards.

What isn’t changing is the fact that you still need an easy way to share your contact information with people you meet. Here are two good digital alternatives that will get you and your contact information into the address books or the people you meet. Which is MUCH better than getting your business card into their pocket, right?!?!?

Here are two easy ways to make your move from printed cards to easy, digital information sharing.


HaystackHaystack is super simple to set up and use. The app lets you build your own digital card by entering in your email any other details you want to share, including social network accounts if you want.

Once you’ve added your info, you can easily share your digital card with anyone via SMS text or email. The best part is you don’t have to worry about the person you’re sending it to having the right app on their end. If they don’t have the Haystack app (which they won’t), they’ll be directed to a web page where they can choose to download the card in the correct format for their device.

You can even use Haystack to automatically import the information from all the cards you get by simply taking a picture of them with your smartphone.

Haystack is a free download for both iOS and Android.

Intro (from About.me)

Aboutme-IntroAppIntro works very much like Haystack for sharing your information but doesn’t have any way for you to collect the same information from others.  One nice extra is how it ties to your free about.me personal page. Check that out if you don’t already have an online presence (You really should you know!?) Here’s mine.

What about you? Do you still prefer physical cards? Have you found another way you like better? Let us know! I’d love to hear what is working best for you.

#319 Smartphone Home Screen Shortcuts

Do you have a few ‘go to’ websites that you frequently visit on your smart phone? Did you know you can put them right up front on your home screen? Not only can you do just that, you can do it in a matter of seconds.  If not just locate the nearest 10 year old they’ll fix you up! Seriously though, here is how you can bookmarking those sites for quick access from your home screen.

This is similar to bookmarks or favorites on your computer and much faster than fiddling with your mobile browser bookmarks.

1. Go to the website in the Safari browser
2. Tap the Share button at the bottom of the Safari screen for the website you’re on.
3.Tap the icon labeled “Add to Home Screen.”
4.Tap the Add button in the upper right corner.
5.Launch the website from your Home screen by tapping its icon.


Click image for larger version

1. Open the built-in browser app,
2. Press the menu button and choose Bookmarks.
3. Find the bookmark that you’d like to add to your home screen and press down on it until a new menu appears.
4. Tap the “Add shortcut to Home” option to place an icon for the bookmarked page on the home screen.